How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring for Her?

Before picking the engagement ring for your fiancé, several questions might pop up in your mind about what the right piece is going to be and how will you be able to get that. Being nervous is absolutely normal before the big day but to everybody’s relief, we have some good news. Figuring out the right engagement ring has gotten easier than you think. With our guide below, you can effortlessly pick the ring and impress your beloved with your choice. 

Basic information

Every hand that wears the diamonds have separate genetic compositions. These diamonds symbolise experiences of a lifetime. The sensations felt by her will be extremely surreal and the message that the ring conveys will be unparalleled. Since no two hands are similar, whatever you do must be done by keeping in mind her characteristics and personality. The overall size of the hand matters too. The length, the width and the shape of the fingers are also important. Her skin tone and the length of her nails also play an integral role in deciding on the diamond ring.

  • Rings for large hands- Slim bands with dainty designs and small stones are the best. To have a proportional balance, bring in a large stone with a wider band. Cocktail rings can be a showstopper in these cases.
  • Rings for small hands- In these cases, small and round stones with a slender band would do the magic. The lightweight setting is the best for smaller hands.
  • Rings for long fingers- The ones blessed with longer fingers can pull off any style. The traditional solitaire designs or contemporary sleek designs can be worked out pretty well. The best stones in these cases are the square or the round-shaped diamonds which do not further emphasize the finger length.
  • Rings for short fingers- The gemstones that are tall and narrow and which have cuts like oval, pear or marquise are the best for short fingers. The raised gemstones on the slimmer bands will provide an illusion of longer fingers.
  • Rings for wide fingers- Broad fingers will be complemented by the wider designs, which leave lesser room for skin visibility. The central stone will be the attraction.
  • Rings for slim fingers- For slender fingers, the designs which will swamp them will appear the best. You can get a smaller central stone and get wider bands to balance it.

Refer to our guide above and head to engagement rings section to pick the right one for her.