The Importance of Good Lighting on Your Big Day

Lighting is one of the aspects of a wedding that is often overlooked while planning. In addition to making everything seem even more beautiful on your wedding day, wedding lighting may completely change your venue from ordinary to extraordinary.

At a reasonable cost, lighting may have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your event venue and the impression it leaves on your guests.

Proper lighting at a wedding not only enhances the aesthetic quality of the venue as a whole, but also highlights the most important elements of the decor, such as the centrepieces, and draws the eye to specific regions of the room that serve as focal points, such as the dance floor or the head table.

The ability to include more visual elements into their work and capture beautiful photos of the newlyweds is why wedding lighting is so highly prized by photographers.

How to Hire a Wedding Lighting Designer

Talk to a lighting designer about your wedding’s overall aesthetic goals while designing the lighting. You can trust this individual to bring your ideas to life. Some couples choose for a more subtle lighting scheme for their wedding, while others want something more ostentatious. Maintaining close communication with your lighting supplier is crucial to ensuring they completely grasp your goals. Choosing the outdoor wedding lighting rental is a nice idea here.


When searching for a lighting company for your wedding, be sure to choose one with a good reputation and plenty of experience in the field. More and more people are setting themselves up as lighting companies by buying cheap fixtures as the price of LED lighting continues to plummet. In what fields of study do they specialise? What kind of equipment can you expect to get for that kind of cash? How much practise have they had handling light? You should be sure that this company will do a terrific job before choosing them to handle the aesthetics of the whole wedding celebration.

The Feeling You Want for Your Wedding Reception

It is recommended that you and your lighting designer visit the wedding location after dark to organise the lighting. After the sun goes down, the lighting features become more important, and this will give you a better notion of how they’ll look then.

Where, exactly, are the electricity sources that supply this area?

The following are some of the most popular types of lighting used in weddings. If you know these basic words, you’ll be able to amaze your lighting company with your extensive understanding of wedding lighting.

An image is projected onto a metal or glass insert that fits into a specific light fixture. As soon as people walk into the room, they always have something to say about this incredible impact.


The Break Up Pattern is a large graphic that is projected using a gobo onto the dance floor, a wall, or the ceiling. Using this technique, you may easily demarcate different areas or highlight certain features. If you want the lighting to go together with the rest of the décor, you may select image patterns that go in with the theme of your wedding. Break-up patterns are especially useful for weddings that are hosted beneath tents since the whole structure may be used as a canvas for the decorations.