What are the Best Diamond Settings for an Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings have a long past, which have evolved since the ancient Romans used hefty iron hoops for proposing for marriage. Today, there are a wide variety of options in engagement rings, so much so that the would-be husbands often get perplexed with it. One can choose the traditional diamond solitaire or the Victorian style trilogy rings. There are also flashy halo rings or the sleek designs to meet their partner’s style expectations. Whatever it is, one should be well-versed with the types of gemstone settings to make the right choice.

The claw setting

The Tiffany setting ring was debuted by Tiffany & Co. in 1886 and since then, it became a revolution. This setting had a slim platinum ring with a single diamond on top of it and this was the very first design which elevated the stone from the level of the band. This enhanced its natural radiance as light could enter and exit the gemstone pretty smoothly. It is a popular pick for any woman who adores brilliance and excellence. The classic setting has metal prongs, usually 4-6 in number, depending on the shape and size of the central stone.

The halo setting

The halo setting ring is all about the impact that it makes. There is a central stone, which is encircled with a number of pave diamonds. This results in the creation of an amplified visual impression of the bigger stone. This type of setting was first seen in the 1920s, and it is now preferred by every woman who enjoys vintage glamour.

The rub-over setting

This is also known as the bezel setting, which envelops the central stone in a bed of metal. This is subsequently folded all the way in every direction to catch the glimpse at the widest points. When it is complete, the stone is encircled by a thin rim of metal to create an understated halo effect. This type of setting has a genius balance where the stone’s sparkle is not stifled at all. The stone also experiences great security, which no other setting can provide. This type of setting dates back to a few thousand years. It is usually preferred by women who likes to flaunt contemporary elegance.

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