How to Perfectly Wear a Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings are a symbol of love, affection and promises made to your partner. When you buy a wedding ring, you need to keep in mind a lot of factors to make the right purchase. It should lie well within your budget, and should also suit your personal style. Since the styles and designs have greatly evolved over the past few years, you need to understand how to purchase and wear them correctly. To keep you away from such hassles, we have prepared a detailed guide for you.

The traditional ways to wear the ring

For centuries, women had worn their wedding and engagement rings on their left ring fingers. This has been a tradition since many believed that a vein in the finger directly connects the heart and that wearing the ring in this finger will increase love and affection. Sometimes, wearing the engagement ring on the ring finger can be challenging since you cannot add the wedding ring to it. Here, you can transfer the previous ring to your right ring finger and adjust accordingly later. There are many customs which indicate that you need to wear your rings in the order in which you have received them. This method of wearing rings is very much convenient, and is being adopted by newlywed couples too.

What is the right way to wear a wedding ring?

Well, to lay it out simply, there are no such rules for this. There is no mandate which states that you need to wear your wedding ring only on your left ring finger. You can always move forward with your personal preferences and wear it on the finger which suits you the most and in which you are most comfortable. If you are facing any trouble wearing it on your left finger, you can easily switch it on your right ring finger.

Some best ways of wearing wedding rings

  • Ensure that the rings fit you perfectly. Take the measurements correctly.
  • Make sure the rings fit you comfortably and suit your personal style. Keep it minimal if you plan to wear it regularly.
  • Cross-check if you are allergic to stones or ring material.
  • Purchase a ring which lies within your budget.
  • Ensure that the ring does not lose its shine over time.

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