Some Home Remedies and Others for Scalp Crust

Introduction –

There are many people who are suffering from the problems of dandruff and buildup on the scalp. People follow several things like curd and lemon, and so on, and at a times people even put up some acidic substances like lemon juice or orange peel juice and so on. But it is suggested to people that they should not use such things, as it can further damage your scalp, which is soft. Scalp is something that should be treated with mild herbs and medications that can help the scalp, soothe the scalp and make your scalp healthy. Many people also complain about crusty build up on scalp.

Thyme for Dandruff:

There are several good shampoos available for treating crusty build-up on the scalp. Just check the link referenced above. Besides all of that, for dandruff and crusty build-up on the scalp, you can use the herb thyme. Thyme has mild antiseptic properties that can help clear the dandruff. Add 4 teaspoons of dried thyme to 2 cups of water, boil, and strain. When cool, rinse your hair in the solution & leave to dry. One of the best things that you can do for crusty build-up on the scalp is to use dried thyme powder, make a paste, and apply it to the scalp. And wash it properly. Leave your hair to dry.

Soframycin Cream to Remove Scalp Crust

Since thyme has antiseptic properties, it will heal your scalp. Many people use thyme for hair loss and patchy hair loss, too. Also, after you have washed your hair, you can apply on the scalp Soframycin cream, a tube which is available in the medical store. Make sure you apply this cream to your infected scalp. It will help. It is an anti-biotic that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions and bacterial infections. This medication is also used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, nails, and hair, as well as any open wounds that have a bacterial infection, including the infection of the external ear.

Using a Thick Comb Brush While Shampooing

Apart from all of that, you also get a thick comb brush, which you can use while shampooing to get rid of the crusty build-up on the scalp. Make sure that you use the brush lightly on your scalp and massage it, so that whatever dry crusty build up is there on the scalp it gets washed away with the shampooing. Plus, it is recommended that you have short hair or not keep long hair, as with short hair you can easily clean up the crusty build-up on the scalp and it will be easy to maintain, manage, and stay hygienic. Make sure that when you wash your hair in the shower you comb your hair with the brush on wet hair, so whatever is remaining may come out.

Conclusion –

Besides all of that, you should use a dermatologically tested shampoo for your hair that has anti-bacterial properties, and you can check on the link referenced above for more details on the same.